5 Recommended Pipeless Pedicure Chair Brands


Regular pedicure chairs and pipeless pedicure chairs are not similar. If you don’ know the difference please read our article here. Pipeless pedicure chairs are a more modern and sanitary way of giving pedicures. With piped-in pedicure chairs, the water would flow within the pipes. This was difficult to clean, and ended up being a trap for bacteria. A pipeless system eliminates these internal pipes that recirculate water, and ensures a safe and sanitary pedicure.

The jets in the pipeless chairs are like underwater fans that create a massaging jetstream on your clients’ feet. These jets are much quieter than the ones in piped-in pedicure chairs, creating a quieter and more serene environment for your clients. The only pipes these chairs use are one to fill the bowl, and one to drain it. Some pipeless pedicure chairs offer liners for the tubs, which makes it even more sanitary and reduces chances of infection. Clean-up is a breeze, which means it is quicker to prep the chair for the next client.

So you know now that your next pedicure chair needs to be pipeless, but which one? To help you with this important decision, I have put together five of the best pedicure massage chairs you can buy online.

Pibbs PS60 Siena Pipeless Pedicure Spa With Shiatsu Massage

One of these modern, European styled, duo-toned pipeless pedicure chairs will look classy and cosy in any salon It features an adjustable footrest to allow for maximum comfort for the client, and also lets the technician reach the feet easier. The tub incorporates color changing LED lights and a retractable spray hose. The pipeless turbo jet system and adjustable jet pressure will soothe and massage your client’s feet. Designed with client comfort in mind, the armrests raise and lower, and the back reclines at the touch of a button. The massage chair provides a Shiatsu massage with deep kneading, tapping and rolling functions. Your client will leave your salon feeling fully relaxed.

Pibbs PS94 Anzio Pipeless Pedicure Package

Give your salon an upgrade with this high-quality, affordable package. The package includes the Pibbs PS94 Anzio Pipeless Pedicure Chair, a pedicure stool, and a 3-drawer metal cart. Each part is covered by a 1 year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

This chair is designed with an overflow drainage system, to ensure client safety. The pedicure chair’s base and basin are made of fiberglass reinforced acrylic, designed for durability. This sleek, European designed pedicure chair is easy to clean, with removable jets and a flexible stainless steel hose. The rotating LED lights add a touch of class and fun. This set is perfect for a newly-established, modern salon.

Shiatsulogic Pedicure Spa VIGGO 5112 BLK TUB Pedicure Chair

Combining understated design and cutting edge function, the Viggo 5112 would be at home in an upscale unisex salon. The sleek design and black on black color scheme is classy and will stay in style for a long time.

The massage chair is equipped with 6 motors, providing a relaxing vibration massage for your clients. The tub is equipped with a pipeless whirlpool system that is not only hygienic, but creates a blissful spa experience. The chair also comes with fold-down manicure chairs for added convenience.

Continuum Vantage Plus LIGHT WALNUT / CHOCOLATE Massage Pedicure Spa Chair

For a superior quality spa experience, the Vantage Plus is the pipeless pedicure chair of choice! The Vantage is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States of America. Quality is strictly controlled so you can be assured that when you purchase a Continuum Vantage chair; you are purchasing a high quality pedicure chair that is built to last. Continuum offers industry leading customer support and “no-hassle” warranties so you can be assured you’re getting the best value.

The Vantage Plus is easy to clean, sanitary, and very quiet. The chair offers a full Shiatsu massage that the client can control, providing a relaxing experience that leaves your client feeling stress free. Manicure trays come standard, and the armrest lift to allow clients to get in and out easily.

Sakura Full Function Massage Pedicure Spa Chair

The Sakura pipeless pedicure chair offers a contemporary base design and luxurious chair. The chair – which includes a headrest cushion – offers a full function Shiatsu massage with adjustable controls, and the client has the option to recline the back. The seat can also slide forward and back, so you can provide maximum comfort for your client.

The pedicure tub uses pipeless technology with jets that provide a soothing massage for the feet. The footrest is full adjustable to suit both the client and technician, and the chair comes with fold-down manicure trays.

This is just a list we came up with from our research, however, we could like to see what other pedicure chairs you guys think should be on the list! List us know your thoughts. If not, read more about our other product recommendations!